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Beijing 2008 Olympic Games


2008 Nominated Dressage Olympic Team

   Horse Primary Owner
BERESFORD, Hayley Member Relampago Do Retiro
OATLEY, Kristy Member Quando-Quando Kristy Oatley
RYAN, Heath Member Greenoaks Dundee  

2008 Nominated Eventing Olympic Team

   Horse Primary Owner
FREDERICKS, Clayton Member Ben Along Time Clayton Fredericks
FREDERICKS, Lucinda Member Headley Britannia
JOHNSON, Sonja Member Ringwould Jaguar Sonja Johnson
JONES, Megan Member Kirby Park Irish Jester Margaret Jones
ROSE, Shane Member All Luck Angela Shacklady

2008 Nominated Jumping Olympic Team

   Horse Primary Owner
LEVER, Laurie Member Ashleigh Drossel Dan Laurie Lever
MCMAHON, Peter Member Kolora Stud Genoa Robert Lang
TOPS-ALEXANDER, Edwina Member Isovlas Itot du Chateau
WILLIAMS, Matthew Member Leconte 6 Yvonne Young

This page summarises or links to information about the forthcoming Games.  Equestrian events will actually be held in Hong Kong.

See information at the bottom of the page for links to Olympic Games Rules and the Qualification Systems for Dressage, Eventing and Jumping

2008 Australian Equestrian Team Guide

2008 Australian Dressage Team Guide

2008 Australian Eventing Team Guide

2008 Australian Jumping Team Guide

The IOC Anti-Doping Rules applicable to the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, Beijing 2008

See our
Drugs in Sport  page for more information regarding anti-doping matters.

May 2008 - Outline of the The Nomination and Selection process for the 2008 Olympic Equestrian Team

The outline of the Nomination and Selection process

January 2008 - Australian Olympic Committee publishes Australian Olympic Team Selection and Nomination Criteria for Equestrian

2008 Australian Olympic Team Selection Criteria - Equestrian

2008 Australian Olympic Team Nomination Criteria - Equestrian 
NOTE: The Nomination Criteria was amended on the 26th March 2008.

May 2008 - Revised  AOC Media Guidelines for Athletes.

2008 Media Guidelines

AOC Blogging Guidelines

AOC Gudelines on Interpretation of Rule 51.3

February 2008 - Steve Waugh Appointed Olympic Athlete Liason Officer for Equestrian

The role of the ALOs

The specific objectives for the Olympic Team ALOs are to:

  • act as mentors by providing information to athletes about the experiences they found effective and useful during competition which will help the athletes to maintain focus and maximise performance;
  • work within the Head Coach’s/Coach’s programs and with their guidance;
  • promote fellowship within the Team; and
  • assist to maximise athletes’ positive Olympic experiences.

    It is not the role of the ALOs to coach athletes. The ALOs are encouraged to advise ‘what worked’ for them during both their competitive career and their general ‘life experiences’ from performing at an elite level.

    The involvement of the ALOs with athletes can be both formal and informal. The ALOs will be living in the Olympic village with the Australian Team, and are encouraged to interact with team members on a casual and informal basis. They are also available, at the request of Head Coaches and Coaches, to be involved with teams and athletes in a more formal and organised manner in the lead up to and during the Games.

    In all cases it is the Head Coach’s/Coach’s decision to determine the role the ALOs have with their sport and the level and nature of their involvement.

    Link to Steve Waugh's biography:

April 2007 - Olympic Progress Report at the FEI General Assembly

Delegates of the Hong Kong Equestrian Company made a comprehensive and very informative report on the progress made in the preparations for the 2008 Olympic Games. The presentation, which was followed by a Question and Answer session, covered key areas such as venues construction, accommodation, accreditation and test event. Work is progressing according to plan and Hong Kong will undoubtedly provide excellent facilities for very successful 2008 Olympic events.

Other matters of interest are:

The above mentioned document includes a summary of the specific competition regulations for the three Olympic disciplines as well as all the specific rules in regards to qualification of nations, riders/horses, substitutions, appointment which applies only for Olympic Games. The document is subject to approval by the General Assembly and will be published on the www.horsesport.org shortly afterwards.

The competition timetable, agreed with the IOC and BOCOG, is available on FEI website. Competitions will be held either early in the morning – 6h30 – or in the evening under floodlights to avoid the intense daytime heat.

An agreement between the IOC and the FEI was made allowing the FEI to be involved in the attribution of the Specialised Press/Photographers Accreditation for the 2008 Olympic Games. The procedure will be finalised in May 2007; full details will be sent out in due course.

TEST EVENT, 11 – 13 August 2007
The test event was organised as a CCI2*.

A meeting of the FEI Welfare Sub-Committee was organised in March, to primarily focus on preparations for a Heat and Humidity Information Event to be held in 2008 prior to the Olympic Games. Invitations will be sent to all NFs.

Heat and Humidity Data gathering: It is FEI’s duty to be fully proactive in providing the necessary information on heat and humidity management to ensure that competitors were well informed and in a position to prepare their horses optimally for the challenging climatic conditions that they will face in Hong Kong.
The 2007 Test Event will provide invaluable information to supplement existing knowledge on competing under conditions of high heat and humidity. Sharing of information among the various NFs and the FEI was considered of the utmost importance.
The key issues were to ensure that horses competing were in the possible best state to travel, were protected and assisted in their preparation to compete, that they competed safely in the Games, and returned home securely and unharmed.
The ultimate aim was to use the science to ensure that the care and welfare of the participating horses were respected at all times in accordance with the FEI Code of Conduct.

The agreement signed by between the FEI and BOCOG and countersigned by the IOC at the time of the decision to transfer equestrian sport to Hong Kong required that a post-Games Legacy for Equestrian Sports was required in mainland China.

It has been confirmed that an equestrian centre is to be established in the Guangdong Province 60 km away from Hong Kong. Its role will be to hold international, continental and national Jumping and Dressage events and serve as a national training centre. Establish A quarantine zone for importing and exporting horses is to be established. The 2010 Asian Games will be held there in the city of Guangzhou, formerly known as Canton.

20 March 2007

The FEI has released a list of qualification event (for achieving minumum eligibility standards) for each of the Olympic disciplines. We have published the lists of events along with the World Ranking rules.

Visit the FEI website to view the lists of qualification events and world ranking rules

14 February 2007

The Australian Olympic Committee has published the agreement, which athletes will need to sign before being considered for nomination and selection to teams.  Compared to the version applicable to the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, the document has the following major changes:

  • prohibition on athletes engaging in conduct that if publicly known or if it became publicly known would be likely to bring the athlete, your sport, the AOC or the Team into public disrepute or censure; 
  • procedural changes regarding whether an athlete with an illness or injury may participate in an event; 
  • requirement to disclose immunization information in addition to other medical information; 
  • an obligation to return within 7 days any medals or diploma awarded should the athlete be in breach of the Olympic Charter; 
  • more detailed definition of the Internet to include blogs, discussion forums and online diaries; 
  • update of Schedule 6 – Media Guidelines; and 
  • references to the Olympic Charter Rules and By-Laws updated to reflect the latest edition of the Olympic Charter

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